Mama's Top 3 Scents

A question I get asked often is “what’s your favourite scent?”.

It’s so hard to narrow down a favourite, but I definitely have a top 3. I love scents that you can use all year round no matter what the season, scents that just make your home smell fresh and inviting, there’s nothing better when you answer the door and someone says “ooh that smells lovely, what is it?!”.

  1. Orange & Goji Berry. Hands down one of our best sellers and in my opinion one of our strongest scents, it’s so vibrant, juicy and exotic. 
  2. Snow Angel. A new scent to my list for 2021, I’ve been asked to stock this scent several times and I can now see why, it’s absolutely gorgeous, very sweet and uplifting, an all round lovely smell.
  3. Tea Tree & Mint. I really really love this one, I think it’s very underrated as it’s extremely strong. Perfect to use in winter to help unblock those sniffly noses, think vapour rub! It’s very relaxing too. 

If you need help deciding on what scent to choose, feel free to contact us and we can advise from your personal preferences. 

We are looking forward to making your home smell beautiful.