How To Clean Your Wax Burners

Changing to a new scent in your wax burner and disposing of wax correctly is something everyone wants to get right, especially if you’re new to the wonderful world of wax melts. This is my top tip to remove your used wax quickly:

If your wax burner has been on, and the wax is in a liquid state, place 2 cotton balls to absorb the liquid wax and dispose of them in the bin (your bin will smell amazing!). Wipe any residue with kitchen roll.

Wax has cooled and hardened? No problem. Relight/plug in your burner for a short time, allow the wax to become looser, you should be able to slide the wax out as a whole segment. If it doesn’t, use a scraper whilst the wax is getting hotter to avoid burning your fingers. It’s simple and quick. 

We often get asked how often to change your wax in your burner, it is entirely up to you, some people have stronger sense of smell than others. For me personally, I find from a Mama Made Melts wax melt you can have 8 hours of fragrance, I usually use my melts twice, then dispose, but it’s entirely up to you. 

I hope you enjoy using your Mama Made Melts and you found this method easy to do.