Hello From Mama!

Mama Made Melts

Hi there! If you’ve already found me, you may already know our story, but if you’re new, I’ll fill you in. I’m Beth, mum of 2 under 2 - Freddie and Ferne who have a 15 month gap between them. 

During the first lockdown of 2020, I was diagnosed with post natal depression. During the height of the pandemic I found myself at home everyday with the children and my partner Steven who had been furloughed. Although we enjoyed lots of family time together and made brilliant memories, it was hard having nothing just for me and I felt a little trapped. With my return to work date after maternity looming, I knew I wanted to do something that would mean I didn’t have to be away from the children 7am - 6pm, two days a week, so I decided to research wax melts. 

I spent most of April reading, looking at methods of how to make wax melts, which wax would be best, what fragrance oils to use etc. I wanted to do this properly. I bought myself a starter kit and made my first lot of wax melts, looking back at them now they’re definitely not Mama Made Melts material, but at the time I was so proud! I continued to practise and started to get a flare for it. I experienced with different colours, fragrances and glitters. 

In May I started to buy supplies in a larger amount. I took a big leap and bought 10 fragrance oils. These were the oils I knew I wanted to launch with. My next job was to come up with a name and get a logo made. I knew I wanted it to be related to being a mum, the best job in the world, and then it just came to me, Mama Made Melts! Once I decided on them name I had my logo made, registered my business and became insured. I also made sure all my melts contained CLP information and additional safety labels. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and by the book before I launched. 

In June I launched Mama Made Melts by selling through Instagram and Facebook and had 30 orders in just a few hours! From then until now we have taken over 500 orders!

I am so excited to bring you the Mama Made Melts website, it’s been a dream from the start to have my own website, and I’m so excited to see my vision come to life. A big thank you to the amazing Luminos Marketing & Branding for designing and launching it for me - I recommend them to anyone looking for a new website or help with marketing and branding.

Every order really does mean the world to me, I can’t wait to make your home smell beautiful.