Can we talk about Christmas yet?

Hello my lovelies! 

I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog post on here since January when our website launched, oops! 

We’ve really gone from strength to strength since then and I’m so excited for what the rest of the year has in hold for us. Mama Made Melts are now stocked in shops, actual real life shops! It’s like a dream. We’ve also gained a wholesale customer which has been fab. It’s been a lot of pressure working around the children and making sure orders are out on time, but from October onwards they will be in childcare 2 days a week, meaning I’ll have some dedicated work days. Anyway… can we talk about Christmas?! 

I am SO excited to show you what I have in store this year. I’ll be bringing back the 8 scents I did last year, as well as 4 gorgeous newbies. Plus we’ll be doing car air freshners, mini melties, and carpet freshner in stunning crimbo scents, lush! 

If you haven’t already secured your advent calendar from my pre order list, please be aware I have less than 20 spaces remaining and then I’ll be sold out!! They will go up for general sale the 1st week of November, but if you missed my pre order posts, feel free to drop me a message. 

I’ll try and make use of this blogging page more in the upcoming weeks as we have so many exciting things in store for you all.

Lots of love, 

Beth x